Staking Moonbeam (GLMR) ~13% APR*

Staking with Bitcoin Suisse is simple and secure – with no technical setup or experience needed.

Optimal Delegation

With more than 15M USD of GLMR in Custody, we can run a reward efficient delegation approach.


Regular review of Collator performance for optimized reward rates


Enjoy cold storage of your GLMR tokens

0% Staking Fee

Bitcoin Suisse does not charge any fee on the rewards generated by your staked assets

*estimated (i.e. 20 September 2022) current staking return, APR = annual percentage rate

Get Started Easily

If you are already a client of Bitcoin Suisse please contact your Relationship Manager.

If you are not a client yet please follow the steps below.

Please note at the moment only amounts above CHF 100'000 for GLMR Staking are possible. For amounts below CHF 100'000 click here.

Become a Client

Become a client

Fill in your details and upload the required identity documents

Contact Your Relationship Manager

You will need to contact your Relationship Manager to deposit or buy GLMR and start staking.

Start Receiving Rewards

Receive staking rewards directly in your Bitcoin Suisse Online Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Suisse always strives to provide early access to the latest product developments for their client and is the worldwide first custodial staking provider for Moonbeam. We are an established and trusted counterparty and therefore offer numerous advantages. Furthermore, being a client of Bitcoin Suisse allows you to convert rewards to fiat or other crypto currencies in the same interface (subject to withdrawal schedules). And of course it also gives you access to all other Bitcoin Suisse services.

There is a minimum amount of Moonbeam (GLMR) equivalent to CHF 100’000 needed in order to stake with the Bitcoin Suisse Moonbeam staking service. The service is only available to onboarded clients of Bitcoin Suisse by contacting their relationship manager.

Bitcoin Suisse does not charge a fee on Staking Rewards for clients. Protocol-related collator infrastructure operators receive a fixed 20% collator fee. Bitcoin Suisse provides the capital and infrastructure for such collators and receives a collator fee for these services.

The maximum execution time for Moonbeam staking entries is 72 hours.

GLMR tokens are subject to a 7 day lockup period based on the Moonbeam protocol specifications. This means that if you decide to stop staking Moonbeam with Bitcoin Suisse, your GLMR tokens will be available for you after 7 days.

As Moonbeam just recently launched, the return rate is very volatile with more stakers delegating to the available collators. It is expected to decrease substantially over time with more GLMR being unlocked and staked. Current Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is estimated around 22%.

Non-Custodial Staking

How To Guide

Non-Custodial Staking

How To Guide