Staking Cosmos

Bitcoin Suisse offers staking on the Cosmos network of connected blockchains. Use your ATOM holdings to receive rewards with our all-in-one staking service.

Stake ATOM starting from CHF 5'000

Staking of ATOM requires a minimum corresponding value of CHF 5’000. We will optimize validator allocation for you.


Infrastructure, storage, reward payout in a complete package

Trusted Counterparty

Bitcoin Suisse is an established and trusted counterparty.

Product details

Bitcoin Suisse offers an all-in-one staking solution for the Cosmos network. With our service, you do not have to invest resources in setting up infrastructure, finding dedicated hardware, and running and maintaining the setup needed to stake on the Cosmos network. We will handle everything for you, and you will be able to receive and monitor your rewards coming into the Bitcoin Suisse online platform. ATOM are rewarded on the protocol-level when validators propose and attest blocks from across the Cosmos multi-chain network.

Get Started Easily

Bitcoin Suisse makes it easy to receive rewards with staking.

Get Started

Fund Your Account

In order to start staking with Bitcoin Suisse, you will need to have stakeable currencies available from a trading account.

Initiate Staking Account

From the Staking section of Bitcoin Suisse Online, choose which currency to stake and confirm.

Start Receiving Rewards

Start receiving staking rewards directly in your Bitcoin Suisse Online Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Suisse is an established and trusted counterparty and therefore offers numerous advantages compared with the anonymous delegation services available. Furthermore, being a client of Bitcoin Suisse allows you to convert rewards to fiat or other crypto currencies in the same interface (subject to withdrawal schedules). And of course it also gives you access to all other Bitcoin Suisse services.

There is a minimum amount of Kosmos (ATOM) equivalent to CHF 5’000 needed in order to stake with the Bitcoin Suisse ATOM staking service – and no special technical expertise or infrastructure required.

The service is only available to onboarded clients of Bitcoin Suisse.

We charge a flat fee of 15% including VAT (if applicable) on the rewards generated from the staking operation. If you do not hold any ATOM and would like to start staking, Bitcoin Suisse will be happy to help you.

ATOM tokens are subject to a 21 day lockup period based on the Cosmos protocol specifications. This means that if you decide to stop staking with Bitcoin Suisse, your ATOM tokens will be available to you for trading after 21 days.