Collateralized Loans

Bitcoin Suisse offers collateralized loans to either increase cash flow and provide fiat liquidity against a pledge of crypto assets, or to borrow crypto assets against fiat and/or crypto security.


Large Loan Amounts


Multiple Currencies


Staking-Backed Loans


Secure Storage

Our Offering

Collateralized loans enable clients to remain invested in crypto assets while still having fiat liquidity at their disposal. Bitcoin Suisse offers crypto asset collateralized loans in USD, EUR, GBP and CHF to increase cash flow and to provide fiat liquidity against a pledge of crypto assets. The crypto assets pledged as collateral are stored in the hyper-secure Bitcoin Suisse Vault. Conversely, Bitcoin Suisse offers loans in BTC, ETH and DOT against a pledge of fiat assets. These loans can be used for interacting in the crypto sphere or to speculate on falling markets.

  • Multi-asset collateral portofolio
  • Offering of 23+ collateral currencies
  • Exchange of collateral currencies during loan duration
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals of pledged assets
  • Individual assessment of your portfolio's lending value
  • 24/7 collateral value monitoring
  • Possibility of collateral staking (XTZ, DASH, ADA and DOT)

Product Details

All market monitoring, trading and management is performed inhouse by Bitcoin Suisse and clients have a designated Account Manager at their disposal to answer any questions. Furthermore, the collateral value is monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week. The client’s crypto collateral is stored in a segregated account in the name of the client and remains locked until the loan matures. Excess collateral can be withdrawn, and additional collateral can be added 7 days a week during business hours.

Interest Rates and Terms

Depending on collateral currencies , the minimum loan collateralization is 200%, to protect clients against adverse market movements. The minimum duration of a collateralized loan is three months. Loan amounts start at CHF 100’000 or equivalent and are available for single positions of up to CHF 50 million. Multiple crypto- or  fiat assets can be pledged as collateral. The interest rate is subject to an individual assessment and the interest rate environment. Moreover, it is determined by the liquidity and value of the collateral offered, as well as the size of the loan. The indicative interest rate is 10% p.a.

Potential Risks

A collateralized loan is a way of leveraging your portfolio. We encourage responsible financial behaviour and kindly highlight that this product comes with risks, including but not limited to market volatility  and currency risk. This could require either the client to deposit further collateral, or Bitcoin Suisse to liquidate the existing collateral or parts thereof.