Bitcoin Suisse’s Robust Business Model with Multi-Crypto-Exchanges stands the test

May 19, 2021 - 5 min read

Zug; May 19, 2021 – Today the crypto markets were exposed to an unprecedented downturn, seeing the price of Bitcoin drop by more than 22% within a period of only 45 minutes. Bitcoin Suisse’s robust business model with a diversified crypto exchange setup stands the test in these turbulent times.

The business model of Bitcoin Suisse featuring an aggregated marketplace trading over a number of the most popular global exchanges was put to a major test today. Thanks to the diversification across all relevant crypto exchanges, Bitcoin Suisse was able to remain actionable and ensure that its clients could continue trading with only very few exceptions. The positioning as a broker with access to multiple crypto exchanges proves to be a strong advantage compared to trading with a single exchange, limiting downtimes to an absolute minimum.

Please find below a detailed timeline of events regarding the availability of Bitcoin Suisse Online (19.05.2021, CET):

  • 15:23: No client access [54 minutes].
  • 16:17: Client access re-enabled.
  • 17:54: No client access [10 minutes].
  • 18:04: Client access re-enabled.

A high uptime is of utmost importance for us, and our team continues to closely monitor our systems during these highly volatile times.

Ensuring Maximum availability of Bitcoin Suisse Online Going Forward

Bitcoin Suisse is currently investing further in a more scalable and robust software and technology infrastructure to ensure that our clients can trade even in the stormiest markets. Additionally, we continue to partner with more exchanges to make sure that, even if multiple exchanges would be unavailable, our clients are able to execute trades with the best possible market price, speed of execution, and minimal counterparty risk.

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