Bitcoin Suisse strengthens strategic focus through adaption in leadership structure

Jan 25, 2023 - 5 min read


Zug, January 25, 2023 – Bitcoin Suisse today announced the adaption of its leadership structure. Sven Ramspott takes over the position as Chief Financial Officer in addition to his current responsibility as Chief Risk Officer. Pierre-Alain Krohn will lead the Compliance department as Chief Compliance Officer. Michael Gauckler, currently Head of Innovation, will assume the position as Chief Product Officer. These appointments reflect the new strategic focus and will support the ongoing sustainable business expansion of Bitcoin Suisse.

Sven Ramspott joined Bitcoin Suisse in September 2021, having previously spent nine months as an independent consultant within the company's AML/Compliance unit. In his previous role as Chief Risk Officer and responsible Head of Risk & Compliance, he has consistently developed the compliance framework and in particular the anti-money laundering disposition and thus laid a key foundation for the strategic direction of Bitcoin Suisse. We are pleased to be able to fill the position of Chief Financial Officer with an expert who will contribute his company- specific knowledge as well as over 25 years of experience in various management positions in the financial industry.

Pierre-Alain Krohn joined Bitcoin Suisse in April 2022 in the Compliance team and was previously responsible for the areas of anti-money laundering, governance, and controls in a leadership role at J.P. Morgan in Geneva for five years. He also held key positions as a legal and regulatory advisor at M&G Investments in London, Rothschild & Co, and Credit Suisse in Zurich. With a Master of Law from the University of Zurich as well as his extensive experience in anti-money laundering, he will provide significant support to Bitcoin Suisse's licensing efforts.

Michael Gauckler joined Bitcoin Suisse back in September 2020 as Head Product Development & Innovation and has since been instrumental in shaping the area of product development. In his new role, he will consistently align Bitcoin Suisse's product range with our strategic focus. He brings 20 years of finance and technology experience to the company, including as co- founder of Evolute Group AG, as well as from his work at Credit Suisse and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Luzius Meisser, Chairman of Bitcoin Suisse, said: «Despite the significant market corrections in the past year, we see institutional growth continuing to accelerate. This reinforces our strategic focus on growing our institutional business. We aim to continue to drive the institutionalization of crypto-financial services and digital assets by innovating and providing a high-quality service to our clients.»

Dr. Dirk Klee, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse stated: «In view of the currently challenging market situation, we must adopt a prudent, cost-conscious approach. Through a consistent focus on our core business and corresponding organizational adjustments, including an appropriate reduction of our workforce, we want to ensure profitable growth going forward. With these changes, we are simultaneously strengthening the implementation of our sustainable business strategy. I am very pleased that Michael, Pierre-Alain and Sven, as trusted leaders, will continue to help shape the future of the company in their new roles.»

A sincere thanks goes to Philipp Vonmoos, former Chief Financial Officer. Dirk Klee highlighted: «Philipp joined us already in 2017 in an early phase of the company’s development, with prior roles within the areas M&A and IPO. He was initially in charge of building up the custody business and subsequently laid the foundations for Bitcoin Suisse's current success by heading the finance division. Already last fall, he had informed me that he wanted to take on a new challenge. We are even more grateful to him that he continued to support us over the turn of the year in the implementation of our new crypto-compatible core banking system. This cannot be taken for granted and shows his extraordinary commitment and dedication.» Philipp Vonmoos will hand over his role to Sven Ramspott at the beginning of February.

In the context of focusing on the core markets, Mauro Casellini, CEO Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein, has also decided to take on a new challenge. Dirk Klee thanked him for his contribution to the success of Bitcoin Suisse: «Mauro has built up our location in Liechtenstein with great passion and expertise and was strongly dedicated to the company as a representative ambassador over the course of more than three years.» As part of the reorganization, the Liechtenstein offices will report to Chief Operating Officer Peter Camenzind in the future, in line with the offices in Denmark and Bratislava.

Dirk Klee added: «We are proud of the great achievements of Philipp and Mauro and wish them well for their future, professionally and personally.»

The members of the Management Committee as of January 25, 2023, are:

Dr. Dirk Klee: Chief Executive Officer
Peter Camenzind: Chief Operating Officer
Lothar Cerjak: Chief Brokerage & Trading Officer
Michael Gauckler: Chief Product Officer
Barbara Hofkamp: Chief Corporate Services Officer
Pierre-Alain Krohn: Chief Compliance Officer
Andrej Majcen: Chief Client Officer
Sven Ramspott: Chief Financial & Risk Officer


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