Do You Want to Accept Cryptocurrencies? Do It with the Swiss Market Leader.

With Bitcoin Suisse Pay you choose a reputable, Swiss partner with years of experience in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Suisse Pay


Accept Bitcoin and Ether
Available Cryptocurrencies

We currently support payments in cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH)

Payouts in CHF, EUR, USD
Available Fiat Currencies

We currently support payouts in CHF, EUR, USD

Daily Payouts
No Waiting Time

You receive the payouts in fiat money T+1 directly to your bank account

Keep Crypto
Alternative Conversion Path

With “Keep Crypto” you have the option to keep the cryptocurrencies

Onboarding Process

Opening a Merchant Account

To open your merchant account you will have to onboard with Bitcoin Suisse. This process is comparable to opening a bank account. Our Relationship Management Team will be happy to assist you.

Open a Merchant Account
Merchant Hub

Everything at a Glance

Merchant Hub is the merchant portal of Bitcoin Suisse Pay which offers an overview of all crypto transactions. Using the filter functions you can easily access the desired information such as the amount of a transaction, date and time as well as the status of the payout.

Bitcoin Lightning

Join Us In Becoming a Pioneer

Bitcoin Suisse is the first Swiss crypto financial service provider to implement Bitcoin Lightning for payment processing, taking another step towards the mainstream establishment of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Suisse Pay

How do merchants use Lightning?

Lightning is automatically included in all Bitcoin Suisse Pay products - Point of Sale, eCommerce and Invoice. A Bitcoin Lightning transaction works analogously to a Bitcoin transaction.

Step 1

Enter sales price in fiat currency

Step 2

Select Bitcoin Lightning

Step 3

Exchange rate will be fixed automatically

Step 4

Generated QR code to be scanned by customer with any Lightning wallet

Step 5

Receive payout in desired fiat currency

Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies Today

Open a Merchant Account

Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies Today

Open a Merchant Account