Accept Cryptocurrencies on All Known Channels

With Bitcoin Suisse Pay, you offer your customers the acceptance of cryptocurrencies via different channels – in your store, webshop or via invoice. Due to our strategic partnership with Worldline, customers of Worldline may integrate directly into existing systems.

Bitcoin Suisse Pay

Point of Sale

Your customers want choice and a personalized shopping experience. Let them pay with cryptocurrencies in your store.

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Bitcoin Suisse Pay


Bitcoin Suisse Pay integrates effortlessly into your Webshop. Take your business to a new level and accept cryptocurrencies 24/7.

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Bitcoin Suisse Pay


Easily issue invoices in cryptocurrencies to your customers.

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Worldline & Bitcoin Suisse Pay

Wordline Crypto Payments

As part of a strategic partnership, Bitcoin Suisse Pay and Worldline are offering existing and future customers of Worldline Six Payments Services a particularly simple solution for accepting cryptocurrencies.

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Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies Today

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Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies Today

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