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Bitcoin, pristine collateral and reserve asset – Part I

In Part I of our series on Bitcoin as collateral and reserve asset, we cover how Bitcoin’s unique properties are making it a pristine collateral asset with an outstanding feature set. We highlight how Bitcoin is thus increasingly used as collateral in various environments such as derivatives and lending markets enabling further use cases such as leverage, arbitrage, or market-making. As the overall market perception shifts from a contrarian idea to a larger trend with Wall Street’s embrace accelerating, traditional debt structures evolve rapidly toward blockchain technology for Bitcoin-denominated lending.

By Bitcoin SuisseMay 10, 2022

Oracles: Unblinding Blockchains - Part II

In Part I, we pointed out how oracles unblind blockchains to data outside the isolated infrastructure that they operate in and how that enables crucial decentralized applications and smart contract functionalities that would be impossible without external data feeds. In addition to challenges these off-chain oracles face, we will also highlight how on-chain oracles are prone to certain on-chain attack vectors and how decentralized oracles aim to solve drawbacks of centralized oracles. Thus in Part II, we will explore the history of oracle exploits and how these events yielded more robust and more trustless oracle designs.

By Bitcoin SuisseApr 27, 2022

Oracles: Unblinding Blockchains - Part I

With significant Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi applications, with vast amounts of volume traded before NFT reveals, and with an ever-increasing stream of real world data entering blockchains, we might want to understand: what is essentially enabling closed-environment blockchains to see data from the outside and how are they doing it? Hence, Part I of our oracle series serves to highlight how oracles unblind blockchains and therefore vastly extend the design space and capabilities of smart contracts.

By Bitcoin SuisseApr 13, 2022
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