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Pre-Merge Proof-of-Stake Landscape

Scheduled for September following the Goerli integration, the Merge and with it, Ethereum’s full transition to Proof-of-Stake is approaching at an ever-increasing pace. Heading into Ethereum’s first major upgrade since the London Hard Fork and most likely the most important one yet, we provide a coherent overview of the current Proof-of-Stake landscape in this week’s edition of Decrypt. As such, we highlight the degree of correlation between some of the highest valued platforms, important metrics regarding protocol revenue, monetary policy, and overall DeFi activity.

By Dominic WeibelAug 5, 2022
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Bitcoin, pristine collateral, and reserve asset – Part II

In Part II of our series on Bitcoin as collateral and reserve asset, we cover how Bitcoin’s unique features make it an attractive, neutral reserve asset. We, therefore, highlight the downsides of legacy reserve assets and the upsides of Bitcoin and its underlying cryptographic innovations that make it a viable alternative. As the overall market perception is shifting from a contrarian idea to a larger momentum, Bitcoin already resides in treasuries of various entities, despite not yet holding up to its properties as an inflation hedge.

By Bitcoin SuisseJul 21, 2022

DeFi Dominoes

With the recent macro and micro conditions pushing down crypto markets heavily, we will shed some light on the most significant events leading to contagious liquidation cascades and insolvencies across the ecosystem. We furthermore untangle how these events highlight DeFi’s value proposition and the importance of decentralized systems.

By Bitcoin SuisseJun 24, 2022
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