Buy & Sell XCHF

XCHF can conveniently be traded on the following exchange.


• Funds on wallet are needed to pair with Uniswap
• MetaMask recommended
• Multiple trading pairs available, e.g. ETH or USDC vs. XCHF
• Low volume possible, ideal for CHF 100 – 10’000
• 7x24h access
• ETH needed to trade on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange
• No extended onboarding process

Go to Uniswap

Mt Pelerin

  • Buy XCHF by bank transfer or by credit card
  • Buy directly on any of your wallets
  • Low volume possible
  • 7x24h access
  • No extended onboarding required for low volumes
  • XCHF is available on Ethereum and Optimism
  • Trade XCHF vs. CHF and send CHF back to your bank account
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