«Think Beyond» – Bitcoin Suisse partners with SolarStratos for historical, solar powered mission to the edge of space

Oct 21, 2021 - 2 min read

Zug, 21. October 2021 – Bitcoin Suisse is proud to partner with SolarStratos, a unique aviation-technology venture on a manned mission to be the first to reach the stratosphere in a vehicle powered solely by solar energy from 2023. Putting this vision into reality would mark a milestone in the history of solar mobility. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology and space exploration, SolarStratos “thinks beyond”. As a crypto-finance pioneer with a legacy going back to 2013, this spirit speaks to the heart of Bitcoin Suisse. With this partnership Bitcoin Suisse kicks-off a new era of «Think Beyond» for the Swiss pioneer brand.

SolarStratos, based in Payerne, Switzerland, is a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking technology and eco-venture that aims to accomplish a historic first in aviation history: To reach the stratosphere with a two-seated, exclusively solar powered aircraft. The Swiss non-profit is led by Raphaël Domjan, Swiss explorer and pioneer in solar mobility, and a team of pilots, engineers, and scientists. In pursuing its mission, SolarStratos paves the way for a clean energy future and demonstrates the huge, untapped potential of the sun as a source of energy. The venture is building on a series of historical milestones, including Raphaël Domjan’s first circling of the earth with a solar boat in 2012 (cf. PlanetSolar), or Bertrand Piccard’s first flight around the world with a solar aircraft in 2016 (cf. Solar Impulse). Driven by a pioneering spirit, SolarStratos combines technology, science, sustainability, and innovation with an exciting, tangible vision.

As the Swiss crypto-finance pioneer and market leader, Bitcoin Suisse identifies with this spirit. In the more than 8 years of its history, Bitcoin Suisse has grown from a team of three to a leading crypto-financial service provider with a team of over 270 employees. Its mission, however, remains the same: To become the leading financial provider for digital and blockchain based assets, offering clients integrated access to the decentralized financial marketplace. As an important driving force for crypto adoption, Bitcoin Suisse wants to enable a crypto-based future for finance – one which is more open, transparent, fair, and efficient. Like SolarStratos, Bitcoin Suisse’s goals, historically and today, aim to have a positive impact for the generations to come.

Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, stated: “This partnership is a symbol of our ambitions. Even though we operate in different domains, Raphaël and his team share the same values: a strong sense of quality, a fascination for technology, a pioneering spirit and an existential need to constantly question what is and whether it can be improved.”

Niklas Nikolajsen, Founder and Chairman of Bitcoin Suisse, commented: “We want to reach for the moon. But being a pioneer means to boldly go where no one has gone before – without guaranteed success. You must be a little bit crazy to do that! And as we venture into the next chapter with Bitcoin Suisse, this partnership will be a big inspiration and contribute towards a clean energy future that will benefit all mankind.”

Nikolajsen added: “Today we see many privately driven ventures who follow governments into space. As impressive as they are, they rely to a great extent on proven technology. Yes – one can indeed fire a rocket into space. But reaching the edge of space in a solar powered vehicle, that is truly something new. To the question many already ask: Yes, I will certainly, given all plans are working out, be a passenger of the SolarStratos vehicle myself.”

Raphaël Domjan, initiator and pilot of SolarStratos, said: “My team and I are delighted about this partnership. It is not often that you meet like-minded partners that share the same irrational confidence to dare doing things that seemed inconceivable a short time ago. We are very happy to have Bitcoin Suisse on board as our new partner and are looking forward to reach new heights together!”

Find out more about SolarStratos here or read this release in French here.

Image of the plane and space suit on a potential flight in the stratosphere.
On September 17, 2021, Bitcoin Suisse flew a “Think Beyond” coin into the stratosphere as an inspiration for Raphaël and his team.

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