Bitcoin Suisse launches new Investment Digest for professional investors

Jul 14, 2022

Investment Digest Launch News Graphic.jpg

Zug, July 14, 2022 – Bitcoin Suisse today announced the launch of a new research publication, the Bitcoin Suisse Investment Digest. The publication aims to build a bridge for professional investors from traditional finance (TradFi) to better understand and navigate the vast and complex crypto-asset market. The first edition identifies four major crypto asset classes and portrays in each the fundamentals of the current market cap leader (“blue chip”) in more detail.

With currently over 10’000 crypto coins and tokens, the sheer size and complexity of the ecosystem makes informed decision-making for investors difficult. Each serves a specific purpose and behaves in a distinctive way. However, it is possible to form “universes” that cluster similar assets together. From an investor’s perspective, one can interpret these universes as different asset classes. Just as there are differences between stocks, bonds, forex, and commodities, there are differences between cryptocurrencies, smart contract chains, interoperability chains, and the many variants of DeFi protocols.

The inaugural edition “Blue Chip Crypto Assets – A Market Overview” of the Bitcoin Suisse Investment Digest provides an overview and segmentation into four major crypto asset classes: cryptocurrencies, smart contract chains, multichain protocols, and DeFi protocols. From each universe, the largest coin or token by market cap is selected: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and Uniswap. The Investment Digest then examines the inner workings of each coin or token, presents key metrics, and shows tailored charts to offer investors from TradFi a basis for informed investment decisions.

Dr. Marcus Dapp, Head of Research of Bitcoin Suisse, said: “Entering ‘crypto’ is quite a challenge for TradFi investors. With the new Investment Digest, we want to guide professional investors towards better decision-making and help them navigate the heterogeneous world of crypto assets. After the first edition on blue chips, we plan to look into specific crypto asset classes in more detail in future editions.”

Dr. Dirk Klee, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, stated: “Our new research publication supports a better understanding of an industry that is technically complex and evolving rapidly. The Investment Digest is about breaking down the complexity to a digestible level for TradFi investors. Guiding traditional investors into this new world is a key role for a specialist crypto provider and partner like us with deep understanding of DeFi, digital assets and the whole crypto ecosystem. I am looking forward to further in-depth analyses that are to come in future editions.”

Please find further details on the new Research publication format on the dedicated landing page.

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