Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Outlook 2023

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Bitcoin Suisse Research has compiled the Crypto Outlook 2023 report, focusing on a wide range of strategically important topics in the crypto asset industry and providing insights from key industry leaders.

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Crypto Markets Withstanding Uncertain Times

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) A run-down of crucial crypto events in 2022 and an interview in the Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Outlook 2023 with Niklas Nygaard one of our senior traders on investing in crypto markets during uncertain times.

Von Bitcoin Suisse|5m09.03.2023

"Modularism, not maximalism" Interview with Nick White

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) An interview in the Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Outlook 2023 with Nick White, COO of Celestia Labs, about the modular blockchain paradigm, solving the data availability problem, plans to bootstrap the Celestia ecosystem, and the shape of the future blockchain landscape.

Von Dominic Weibel|6m28.02.2023

Striking the Right Balance in Regulating Crypto

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, the adoption of crypto assets has grown rapidly, and they have become an integral part of the global financial system. Rapid proliferation of such new assets has triggered repeated calls for regulation.

Von Bitcoin Suisse|6m23.02.2023

Macro view - with an eye on Bitcoin

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Article for the Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Outlook 2023 from Head of Research Dr. Marcus Dapp on macro economics with a special eye on Bitcoin.

Von Marcus Dapp|10m22.02.2023

The Post-Merge Ethereum World

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Article for the Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Outlook 2023 from Dominic Weibel on Ethereum’s transition to Proof-of-Stake and related changes to its monetary policy, security model and energy efficiency.

Von Dominic Weibel|10m20.02.2023

Excellence in Crypto

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Preface to the Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Outlook 2023 Report from Prof. Dr. J. Claudio Tessone, Chairman of the UZH Blockchain Center.

Von Bitcoin Suisse|5m09.02.2023

Institutional adoption of crypto assets 2023

(Nur auf Englisch verfügbar) Interview in the Crypto Outlook 2023 with CEO Dr. Dirk Klee on institutional adoption of crypto assets in the upcoming months.

Von Bitcoin Suisse|5m09.02.2023