Staking Ethereum 2 (ETH2)

Bitcoin Suisse offers staking on the upcoming Ethereum 2 proof-of-stake blockchain. Stake on Ethereum 2 and earn rewards from day one.

Automatic conversion

Bitcoin Suisse will automatically convert the ETH you deposit to ETH2 – for no fee.

Technical setup and maintenance

We take care of all technical aspects during Ethereum’s changes.

Regulated and secure

Bitcoin Suisse is an established, regulated and trusted counterparty.

Track Record

Bitcoin Suisse was founded in 2013 and was there when Ethereum was envisioned.

Get Started Easily

Bitcoin Suisse makes it easy to earn rewards with staking.

Get Started

Fund Your Account

In order to start staking with Bitcoin Suisse, you will need to have stakeable currencies available from a trading account.

Initiate Staking Account

From the Staking section of Bitcoin Suisse Online, choose which currency to stake and confirm.

Start Earning

Start earning staking rewards directly in your Bitcoin Suisse Online Account.

Learn more about Ethereum 2

Important Information

When you start staking ETH2, your assets will be locked for at least 1 year (indicative) until the start of phase 1.5 of the development roadmap of Ethereum 2; according to the Ethereum project, the launch of phase 1.5 is expected to take place in 2022 , but is subject to change and depends on the development progress of the project. It may be that the 1-year lock-up period is extended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Suisse is an established and trusted counterparty. Our Ethereum 2 staking service includes all technical setup and maintenance, including any changes to the Ethereum protocol during ETH2 development.

There is no charge for converting ETH to ETH2 during the transition to Ethereum 2 with Bitcoin Suisse.

Clients of Bitcoin Suisse can transparently track their staked ETH in their Bitcoin Suisse Online staking dashboard.

You need to be a client at Bitcoin Suisse to start staking ETH2. After opening a staking account and transferring ETH, ETH2 can be staked.

We charge a flat fee of 15% including VAT (if applicable) on the rewards generated from the staking operation. If you do not hold any ETH and would like to start staking, Bitcoin Suisse will be happy to help you.

Learn more about Ethereum 2 staking here and more about Ethereum 2 in general here.

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